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Cannabis and the WWW

I think a lot of the things being said now stem from the plain fact that the Government at present have abjectly given in to something endemic they feel they can not fight. So they seek to liberalize and soften the impact, to talk down the effects, and to move the goalposts as they do with anything that is a little too difficult to deal with in a proper manner. Sweep it under the carpet and relabel it as something else.

I speak from having taken cannabis in the seventies, the hippy era of peace not war, love to all men, much of whose language and terms are now coming back into trendy and cool use. But there are fundamental differences between then and now, which young people should be made aware of.

Then the cannabis was in the form of a leaf, a naturally occurring plant. Now it is synthetic, as in most of the other areas of life where the natural has given way to the unnatural, to our eternal detriment. Coincidentally enough, it is now around forty times stronger, as well as being chemical based.

The Governing people who seek to legalise and feel the danger is slight, are by and large ex users of a much lesser potency of a naturally occurring plant. They feel little danger in occasional recreational use of a drug they feel did little to harm their long term prospects.

This is based on the false assumption that people tend to start smoking it around university stage and peter out of its use in a few years, with no addictive element. Also that they tend, like we did, to only use it occasionally at times when we needed to calm down after a tough project, or relax at a concert, again remembering the product then was one fortieth as potent and much more mellow than it is today.

That is being charitable and assuming they are not in full informed of the dangers. This also begs the question, if not why not, and if so why run and hide.

This creates at least two anomalies. One is that our young people can point the finger at our generation and say, you are being hypocritical, when you took it yourselves. Secondly, we did not start at twelve to thirteen, and use it every day at forty times the strength. The weight of evidence of severe psychiatric damage is I feel too heavy to discount any more, plus although in itself said to be non addictive, the culture that has sprung up around it tends to keep people in a circle of self same users, and a massively significant portion of our youth are taking it. So there is a great peer pressure to take something which the Government at present sends out signals saying, that it is not too bad to use it, just keep it relatively discreet and we will leave you alone.

I fear this is storing up a time bomb of serious psychological problems, and perhaps the strengths and constitution of the substance should be taken into account more. Politicians surely hear the word cannabis and relate to their own youth, where if they did not take it they knew people who did who by and large are still sane. This is not consistent with what is in circulation today, nor indicative of the higher daily use of a drug that formerly was taken recreationally every week or month or concert or so.

It also gives the police an almost impossible job, as there are no guidelines to follow, and also drug pushers can admit to cannabis but be carrying other more harmful drugs as well, with impunity. Surely if you are carrying more on you than enough for your personal use for at the most a weekend say, then you are a dealer. Just set a level that is a definite level and above it is illegal. The experiment in the London boroughs has been truly and demonstrably disastrous, yet it is being cloned to the rest of Britain as if as harmless as sweets.

Perhaps if we actually addressed our inner cities and used the money earmarked for them, yet held back, some of our most deprived kids could go to places where they could enjoy themselves, perhaps with an emphasis on sport and exercise to help combat obeisity, where it is easy to blame junk food and convenient to forget lack of basic exercise and plain lazy and slothful habits. But where in all conscience have kids got to go to, when even relatively well off kids to what we were are reduced to straggling on street corners like beggars or tramps and invariably annoying and alienating passers by, creating a division and schism in society between the young and old much more substansive and divisive than the natural contempt of the vigour of youth for oldies like us. It is easy to criticise this behavior, and easy to sympathise with victims of it, but what are we doing to provide an alternative to this kind of behavior, a place to meet, to go to and learn, have fun, and compete against each other at a sporting not warring level. I had little to my name as a kid, I worked the markets and two paper rounds and anything I could think up to make a few bob, and we all played cricket or football till dark in the street, everybody, loads of us. We were not fat or a real nuisance, but we did not have the pernicious power of television advertising and brainwashing telling us what to do, or parents determined not to be as strict as ours were and creating a soft youth who are spoilt rotten where we had nowt. Somewhere in the middle is right, but it does not help the kids now cope with an ever more sophisticated world wide machinery of selling and media manipulation around them.

Money should be released to inner cities to build centres for youth to go to, and proper well equipped centres run by local hard men, or respected local figures, evn criminals who at least see their future is in their kids getting out of the gutter and into a real world on their own two feet, who will ensure zero destruction levels of what is provided.
This should be expanded to rural areas and a gradual education in exercise and diet should be introduced.

At present anything that is too difficult for this government is relabeled and ignored, and what this is doing long term to our youth god alone knows.

To reiterate, cannabis is forty times stronger than it was and synthetic. It is abused from age twelve daily through to way past twenty. I would not take this if I were given it free, nor would any of my old friends and associates I canvassed on this subject. Also I might add, I ended up with a smoking addiction it took twenty four years to quit, and most kids smoke it here, so there again we have a vicious circle of addiction which surely does kill you, even if the current cannabis does not send you mad, or kill your will to work completely. It is an exponentially growing apathy drug in high strength with, for very many, serious psychological side effects, and for the government to pretty well give up on it is yet another abject failure in their long litany of failing the British public at large. One could understand this if their minds had been destroyed by this drug in its present form, but what they used, if they did, was a pale imitation of todays fare. Each to their own, but I would not take the present stuff, and we are forcing more and more to go through what passes for Universities, at the end of which not only do they have huge debts but a smoking drinking and cannabis habit which needs money to feed it just when a lot of them are unable to find work. Is it any wonder there is so much theft. If we channelled the money we have to spend on clearing up the mess which is our society at present into free University education, which surely is the right of anyone, and an educational programme backed up by free coach travel to all schools, ensuring safety and massively cutting congestion at the same time, then maybe then we would not have these problems to deal with in the foirst place.

The Government has abdicated responsibility for what it should do for the country, it should reassess the obligation it has to every British citizen no matter what colour or creed age or infirmity, and do what is right for all of us, instead of creating divisions of poor and rich, educated and non educated, treated and sick, fined in cars rather than protected in their own homes.

It should first and foremost completely streamline the rail and power infrastructure and get free school buses for all in place. We would not need to spend millions on roads, see them cracking up under the strain and wait hours in queues, and be uncompetative abroad if we had a bloody train system that worked properly, and a Government not in striking unions pockets. Then we could address our inner cities, schools, hospitals and roads with renewed vigour and the optimism that the money is actually there and not being flagrantly thrown down a black hole of red tape and incompetence.

Can you imagine what the Army would do with any one of these problems, on a professional basis? So if that is the case, why cant we manage to do the same in civil life, if not for apathy, greed , self important beurocrats, and idiotic causes sponsored solely for their vote. This country needs a government and a Royal family with the country at heart, with a firm professional agenda on crucial issues and the strength to implement them now. We also need them to take our youth in hand and educate them away from the seditious claws of a greedy marketplace brainwashing them via television programming, that normal life is series of arguments and divorces, that soap operas are a true reflection of real life though they have to be super agitated every second for thirty minutes, and sensationalised beyond belief. We were not weaned on television from the cradle, most of our under twenty fives have been , and have been exposed to this trash for all of their life and given substandard education to counteract it, little wonder they are mostly all led by the nose.

Is virtually legalising cannabis in its present toxic chemical form going to help them think clearly and objectively, and are they likely to go on to put right what is wrong in Britain later in their lives when getting out of bed each morning is achieved about one pm in a blurred confusion, and their brain is steadily being eaten away?
We are failing our own youth by letting them have their own way, and not standing up for what is right. Just because we had a harsh youth does not mean being soft helps anyone, life is hard, and ignoring failings early on just stores up problems of a greater nature in the future.
If we do not deal with drugs and the failure to fund our inner cities and give people proper amenities and proper councelling then we are doomed to failure and violent backlashes,
virtually legalising by the back door one of the most unpredictable drugs affecting the brain is worrying to say the least, and not actually telling kids that the stuff is forty times stronger and a chemical or pure dosage is remiss at least and criminal at worst.

They use the language we used, and chill out and are cool, even mobile phone adverts harp on the drug culture language to sell, a cool phone. What no one is telling them all is that we would not take once what they take every waking day, and I debate whether twelve or thirteen year olds are sufficiently aware to be allowed to partake of what can be deadly. You cant prescribe some brian altering drugs under eighteen years of age, that affect serotonin levels to induce anti depressant effects, yet you can stand by and watch kids of twelve smoke cannabis.

At the very least I have tried to tell it like it is as I see it on these pages and in the thoughts column, as I feel I am somewhat divorced from media control, and watch little of what passes for entertainment on our not dumbed down but crude and clumsy television fare, what could be the greatest educator in the world is used for distinctly dubious and subversive ends, to sell, and to brainwash where possible in the process. Cannabis use is not the most potent form of awareness therapy when faced with the television threat, and one wonders whether the present Government actually likes this state of affairs as it too governs via the media directly to the public thanks to the liar Blair, when not kow towing and fawning to Bush,, and killing our troops in the process in someone elses war.

I rest my case, if you want to kill your own minds after all this information from a disinterested source who profits nothing in the telling and may even suffer abuse because of it, then it is your
mind you are destroying, and your life you are shortening. Ive been an alcoholic, a chain smoker and addicted to bloody painkillers. I have dealt with all three, kicking cannabis should be not quite as bad as any one of these, believe me, and you definitely do not want to go where I have been, ever. Instead of a group and gang culture you have to realise that in the end it comes down to you. We are all totally alone, when all is said and done, and stand and falll on our own actions, and if you make three or four very close friends in life thats about it. So it pays to think for yourself, and the earlier you start the better, its too easy to get dragged into things you would not normally do when in a crowd, better to be an individual, preferably with a clear mind.

When stating this I admit I was well educated by the state at a Grammar school , and television was a tad less sophisticated to say the least, after all you do not spend one hundred thousand pounds odd on a twenty second advert that will NOT subvert peoples minds, do you?
I can merely warn, and point out the pitfalls, it is up to you to be strong, for all our futures.

14.11.05 17:11

Legalization of Marijuana?

Suppose the consumption of marijuana were legalised. What would happen to
consumption? As the elimination of criminal sanctions would have the effect of
lowering the ?full price? of marijuana, consumption would be expected to increase.
But, on the other hand, the disappearance of the ?forbidden fruit? characteristic of
marijuana could tend to lower consumption. This section, which is based on Daryal
(1999), explores these issues. We start with a brief review of previous research and
then report the results of a specifically-conducted survey of marijuana consumption
patterns of young adults.
Several studies have analysed the impact of decriminalisation in the US where
marijuana consumption has been decriminalised in some states.14 Table 15
summarises the findings of these studies. Studies using data pertaining to the whole
population (Model, 1993, Saffer and Chaloupka, 1995, 1998) find a significant
increase in marijuana consumption due to decriminalisation. By contrast, the three
other studies involving youths only (Johnston et al., 1981, Theis and Register, 1993).
27.7.05 10:50

A good light to grow marijuana

Without light, the plants cannot grow. In the countries in which marijuana grows best, the sun is the source of light. The amount of light and the length of the growing season in these countries results in huge tree-like plants. In most parts of North America, however, the sun is not generally intense enough for long enough periods of time to produce the same size and quality of plants that grow with ease in Latin America and other tropical countries. The answer to the problem of lack of sun, especially in the winter months, shortness of the growing season, and other problems is to grow indoor under simulated conditions. The rule of thumb seems to be the more light, the better. In one experiment we know of, eight eight-foot VHO Gro-Lux fixtures were used over eight plants. The plants grew at an astonishing rate. The lights had to be raised every day. There are many types of artificial light and all of them do different things to your plants. The common incandescent light bulb emits some of the frequencies of light the plant can use, but it also emits a high percentage of far red and infra-red light which cause the plant to concentrate its growth on the stem. This results in the plant stretching toward the light bulb until it becomes so tall and spindly that it just weakly topples over. There are several brands of bulb type. One is the incandescent plant spot light which emits higher amounts of red and blue light than the common light bulb. It is an improvement, but has it drawbacks. it is hot, for example, and cannot be placed close to the plants. Consequently, the plant has to stretch upwards again and is in danger of becoming elongated and falling over. The red bands of light seem to encourage stem growth which is not desirable in growing marijuana. the idea is to encourage foliage growth for obvious reasons. Gro-Lux lights are probably the most common flourescent plant lights. In our experience with them, they have proven themselves to be extremely effective. They range in size from one to eight feet in length so you can set up a growing room in a closet or a warehouse. There are two types of Gro-Lux lights: The standard and the wide spectrum. They can be used in conjunction with on another, but the wide spectrum lights are not sufficient on their own. The wide spectrum lights were designed as a supplementary light source and are cheaper than the standard lights. Wide spectrum lights emit the same bands of light as the standard but the standard emit higher concentrations of red and blue bands that the plants need to grow. The wide spectrum lights also emit infra-red, the effect of which on stem growth we have already discussed. If you are planning to grow on a large scale, you might be interested to know that the regular flourescent lamps and fixtures, the type that are used in commercial lighting, work well when used along with standard Gro- Lux lights. These commercial lights are called cool whites, and are the cheapest of the flourescent lights we have mentioned. They emit as much blue light as the Gro-Lux standards and the blue light is what the plants use in foliage growth.
24.6.05 09:24

Thomas de Quincey: the Hashish eater.

In 1845, Thomas de Quincey obtained some "bang" and said that he would shortly be describing his reactions to it for the English reading public, much the same as he had done in the case of opium. For some unknown reason, his plan never materialized. However, he does state that

one farmer in Midlothian was mentioned to me eight months ago as having taken it, and ever since annoyed his neighbors by immoderate fits of laughter; so that in January it was agreed to present him to the sheriff as a nuisance. But for some reason the plan was laid aside and now, eight months later, I hear the farmer is laughing more rapturously than ever, continues in the happiest frame of mind, the kindest creature and the general torment of his neighborhood
8.6.05 09:05

Marijuana Crop

Much of the Cannabis presently used for medical purposes is grown indoors
under artificial lights. Metal halide and sodium vapor light systems
are most often set up in attics, bedrooms, or basements. Most modern indoor
growers produce vegetatively propagated crops. Only female drug Cannabis
plants are economically valuable, and garden space is limited. It is both
difficult and expensive to purchase reliable drug Cannabis seed, sales of
which are prohibited in many nations. In addition, the legal systems of many
nations penalize growers of large quantities of cannabis with harsher penalties.
Under artificial growing conditions, crops are reproduced vegetatively
by rooting cuttings of only female plants, transplanting and inducing flowering
almost immediately. Cuttings taken from one plant are all identical
members of a single clone and they will all respond in the same way to environmental
inputs. Given that environmental influences are constant, the
clone will yield a uniform crop of nearly identical seedless females each
time it is grown.
Female ?mother? plants are maintained in a constantly vegetative state
under 18 hour or longer day lengths. Serial cuttings can be removed, rooted,
grown under long day length and used to replace older mother plants, indefinitely.
If the cutting material remains free of viruses or other pathogens
there is no loss of vigor after multiple rounds of vegetative propagation.
Whenever they are required, rooted small cuttings (10 to 30 cm tall) are
moved into a flowering room with a day length of 10 to 13 hours, to mature 7
to 14 weeks later.
Cloned plants can mature fully, form flowers from top to bottom and look
like a rooted branch from a large plant grown from seed when they are less
than one meter tall. The length of time between the induction of flowering
under short days and final maturity of the female floral clusters depends
largely on the variety being grown and the day length. Some cultivars ma-
ture much more quickly than others. Cannabis plants mature faster when
they are given shorter day lengths of 10 hours, but most cultivars have an optimum
day length requirement, for maximum production, of around 12 or
13 hours. Under ideal conditions, yields of dried floral clusters can reach
1,200 grams per square meter per year or more, as a result of multiple cropping
three or five times per year.
Male plants can also be kept in a vegetative state and induced to flower
when pollen is required. However, they are often more difficult to revert
from flowering to the vegetative state than females. In vitro techniques
would allow long-term storage of wide varieties of living germplasm. Several
research groups have reported success6,7 with reproducing undifferentiated
callus tissue and meristems.
31.5.05 16:54

Peter Tosh - Bush Doctor Lyric

"lyrics heBush Doctor
Warning! The Surgeon General warns
Cigarette smoking is dangerous, dangerous
Hazard to your health
Does that mean anything to you

To legalize marijuana
Right here in Jamaica
I'm say it cure glaucoma
I man a de Bush Doctor

So there'll be
No more smokin and feelin tense
When I see them a come
I don't have to jump no fence

Legalize marijuana
Down here in Jamaica
Only cure for asthma
I man a de Minister(of the Herb)

So there'll be no more
Police brutality
No more disrespect
For humanity

Legalize marijuana
Down here in Jamaica
It can build up your failing economy
Eliminate the slavish mentality

There'll be no more
Illegal humiliation
And no more police

Legalize marijuana
Down here in sweet Jamaica
Only cure for glaucoma
I man a de Bush Doctor

So there be
No more need to smoke and hide
When you know you're takin
Illegal ride

Legalize marijuana
Down here in Jamaica
It the only cure for glaucoma
I man a de Minister

25.5.05 11:27

Merry Blues of Manu Chao (Lyric)

So many nites
With your shadow in my bed.
So many nites
Baby you whisper in my head.
So many nites
Sing along the Merry Blues.
So many nites?
I told you once.
I told you twice.
The Merry blues
The Merry blues

I can not sleep
Haunted by your pretty body
I can not sleep
I want the world set on fire
So many nites
Can?t keep from goin down loose...

I told you once.
I told you twice.
The Merry blues
The Merry blues

Hello nadina do you do do do do do
I feel so happy when I see see see see you
You make me sing a like a douba doubad
I know you like it like a zoumbou zoumbou

Hello nadina do you do do do do do
I feel the moody like to picky picky you
I know you like it like a rub a dub stylee
I know you like a marijuana smokey

So many nites
Sing along the Merry Blues.
So many nites
Can?t keep from goin' down loose.
The Merry Blues?

19.5.05 15:43

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